Famous Gays

Famous Gays

Individuals in every culture and every period of history have formed intimate sexual and emotional realtions with members of their own gender. In addition to these tens of millions of gay men whose ordinary lives left no permanent mark on the historical record, many gay and lesbian individuals' contributions to the societies in which they lived were extraordinary.

Despite the impressive number of identifiable famous and distinguished lesbians and gay men, a full list would be impossible to form. Documentary evidence of any person's sexual activity is rare. In the case of gay men, relevant diaries, letters, and photographs are often destroyed.

Evidence is particularly hard to come by if during the person's lifetime there were or are legal, physical, or social penalties for identifying oneself as a non-heterosexual person. Others lived in societies where sexual activity deviating from the majority's was not of interest and went unrecorded for that reason. In some cases, scholars must simply weigh the available evidence and make an educated result.

The same-sex or bisexual orientation or behavior of the famous people whose names
appear on the attached list either has been clearly documented or is consistent with strong circumstantial evidence.

Finally I just want to say that it is hard to indicate somebody as a gay if he lived in the time when sexual contact between two men was standard (ancient time).